The Polish Campaign

The idea was to use basic Polish products like butter, apples, duck and kielbasa and to give them a special role to make them heroes of the posters. These "invisible heroes of Polish cuisine" are not fancy or sophisticated, but Poles love their simple tastes. They remind them of their childhood, which is why the claim of the campaign is "Biedronka tastes like home". The style of the poster was reminiscent of the well known Polish School of Posters, famous for its simplicity and minimalism. It was created by a group of artists in the 1960s. Paweł Jońca, a contemporary artist whose style refers to this school, was invited to create posters dedicated to each of the products.

The fact that Biedronka promotes Polish products as illustrations is unique and innovative on the market. All the posters have the same structure. The centre of attention is not the final product, but the ingredients: milk for butter, kielbasa for sandwich, duck for a dish - to underline the origin of traditional Polish cuisine. The headline was also handwritten by Pawel Jonca which and refers to the school of Polish posters where the typography is part of the idea. To keep the style consistent, the Biedronka logo was changed and drawn by the artist as well. The posters were used in 3000 Biedronka stores. They created a huge exhibition area all over Poland.

Our agency received a Golden Sword at the KTR Festival in 2018 in the Illustration category.