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Gang Fajniaków

Nature is calling. A new world of adventure is coming with the new Gang Fajniaków and their super powers.

Gang Fajniaków

In Poland over 300 thousand children are waiting for a warm meal. This Christmas Gang Fajniaków will help to change this by donating all revenues of its Winter Adventure book - a book that feeds the imagination and the children in need.


Welcome to the world of Marletto, a world of perfect ingredients, textures and flavours. An authentic journey through your senses.


Fruvita is a yogurt brand that have various types of product for everyone, kids, teenagers, young adults for breakfast, pre training, all occasions.. But we strongly believe that you should have not what you are suppose to have but what and when you want it.

Mother’s Day

Mothers are true forces of nature. This year to celebrate Mother’s Day we're telling a story about the infinite bond and love that time will never change.

Easter 2020

Exceptional times call for exceptional ideas and actions. Easter in Poland is one of the most important holidays for the Poles. Families all over the country get together to reunite and celebrate this tradition. This year in the peak of Covid-19 pandemics with families lockdown at home, we wanted to show Biedronka customers that they could still celebrate Easter and connect with their families from home. So we created a “remote shooting day” with people capturing on smartphones what would be their Easter experience this year, in a genuine and real way.

Let Cooking Bring Us Together This Christmas

Grandpa Nutcracker, Ginger Gingerbread, Nastka The Star, Candy Stick, Tosiek the Little Reindeer - represent Xmas spirit this year in our latest campaign for Biedronka. Our magical decorations will help to save Christmas dinner, because cooking has the power to bring people together… especially during Christmas.

Gang Słodziaków 2.0

Enter the magic portal and discover the fantastic world of Słodziaków and experience new adventures!

Polish Cuisine

All the tradition, flavours, learnings and joy. Pass it forward. This is our new campaign for Biedronka “Polish Cuisine" with the help of the great Polish illustrator Dawid Ryski.

Easter 2019

At Biedronka’s Easter campaign we were watching one big Polish family during their Easter preparation. The hero family is a little bit crazy, maybe not perfect, but full of fun, sense of humor and love. We see little scenes of eggs painting, baking cheesecake, eggs hunting or introducing a new family member. All this happen around Biedronka’s selection of Easter products: meats, cold cuts, baking products or other ingredients. Because the most important thing in Easter is sharing what we have the best.


This campaign was designed to highlight the fact that Biedronka is the leader in seling milk in Poland.

Give love to Valentines

Love is ageless. Valentine’s Day is a good reason to celebrate love, no matter if you are a teenager or your love has already lasted for 10, 20 or 50 years. Invite your loved one for a date, give her flowers and chocolate, and make it feel as if you’ve just met.

100% Italian

100% authentic Italian products make Poles feel they’ve got a bit of Italy inside them… It starts with gestures and tastes… Bardzo… Bardzo Bene!


What would be the perfect way to spend Grandmother and Grandfather Days? To be together. On these occasions Biedronka encourages all granddaughters and grandsons to visit their grandparents with a little gift: their favorite sweets, coffee or flowers.

Price reduction

Campaign conveys the price message in a new, upgraded, quality focused form. Since now on low prices, however still pronounced strongly, are equally important as the quality aspect of Biedronka’s offer.

Biedronka surprises with gifts

There is no better moment to make every child happy than Christmas. This campaign was created to show large selection of toys that were available in Biedronka. Together with Polish illustrator Paweł Jońca we prepared a dreamy story about letters to Santa from kids that were coming true in Biedronka.

Biedronka tastes like Christmas

This campaign was created with cooperation with Paweł Jońca. We dedicated each spot to Christmas dishes or tastes that Poles associate with Christmas. Every spots tells an personal story discovering memories connected with Christmas mood. Paweł Jońca style of drawings put the viewer in a intimate atmosphere of home and family.

Biedronka tastes like Christmas

This campaign was created with cooperation with Paweł Jońca. We dedicated each spot to Christmas dishes or tastes that Poles associate with Christmas. Every spots tells an personal story discovering memories connected with Christmas mood. Paweł Jońca style of drawings put the viewer in a intimate atmosphere of home and family.

The Polish Campaign

The idea was to use basic Polish products like butter, apples, duck and kielbasa and to give them a special role to make them heroes of the posters. These "invisible heroes of Polish cuisine" are not fancy or sophisticated, but Poles love their simple tastes. They remind them of their childhood, which is why the claim of the campaign is "Biedronka tastes like home".

Słodziaków Gang

The Słodziaków Gang is a unique loyalty program. It had not only won the hearts of children, but also of parents, thanks to its plush heroes. Alongside the characters it was a social action encouraging parents to read children bedtime stories every day. Six nice Słodziaki, many engaging adventures in two of the books and a lot of games, songs and fairy tales read by the actors. We hope that both mascots and the habit of reading bedtime stories have come into the homes of Biedronka's clients.

Biedronka has 20 years

Biedronka is celebrating 20 years of presence on a polish market, to the rhythm and words of the joyful evergreen song known to every Pole. And in fact, the are reasons to celebrate, as having good products in great prices over the years, is something that brings smiles to every Pole, all over the country.

Biedronka soups

Poles love soups. Especially those full of fresh vegetables, such as Soups from Our Kitchen available only at Biedronka. The passion for them was inspired by the campaign prepared by Duda Polska, where vegetables create a soup.


Soups from our kitchen prepared daily and full of fresh vegetables. Available only at Biedronka. Now in a new, tasteful, commercial edition.

Summer Fruits

Summer fruits campaign affects the senses and play with colours and shapes.

Catch trout for health

The 'Our trout' campaign was designed to encourage Poles to eat and buy fresh trout more often. The creative concept demonstrates how short the path is from the trout’s natural environment to the consumer’s plate. On top of that, we would like to encourage people to discover new tastes and dishes.

Dada and magic tricks

How to be differnt from leaders on the diaper market? Say something funny and connected to the brand of Dada. Almost two-year old magician makes the pee disappear. How? Check for yourselves.

Favaito Beer

'Blends Well' is a print campaign promoting Favaito Beer.

Fruity craziness

'Full of Summer' -  is a summer campaign covering print materials and a TV spot. Watching this affects the senses and promotes delicious and healthy refreshment for hot days in the form of fresh mango and a fruit sorbet. 

Fruits and veggies from Biedronka have taste

Biedronka’s experts make a huge effort to deliver fresh fruit and veggies. They travel around the world to choose the best suppliers, they introduce new technologies, check the quality and freshness of the fruit and veggies all the time. All this to ensure amazingly tasting products at the end. Taste is something that is hard to discuss. Some people think apples should be a bit sour, some prefer them sweet. So we simply realised that our apples taste like apples, like potatoes taste like potatoes and tomatoes like tomatoes.

Biedronka Supports Polish Suppliers

'Biedronka Supports Polish Suppliers' is a multi-channel campaign showing how Biedronka has worked as a closed partner with Polish producers for the past 20 years.


Cleans everything except the bad first impression you made on her parents. Kraft. Advanced dishwashing technology.

Kraft Ultimate

The launch of the ultimate dishwasher tabs. So powerful and fast-cleaning that it looks like going back in time to the moment the dishes were brand new.


"Everyday discover new flavors" – cuisines from different parts of the World in Biedronka. Served in an unusual form of characteristic landscapes made entirely out of food. TV commercial from the campaign Flavours of the World - Italian cuisine.

Pingo Doce - ice cream

“The perfect match" is a video campaign promoting Pingo Doce’s new mixture of strawberries with creamy chocolate.

Proud of ours

Footballers, you've got our full support! We started supporting our players with the hugely successful 60 second TV spot featuring Queen and David Bowie’s 'Under Pressure' to encourage Poles to stick together no matter what the circumstances whether high up in the mountains or down below in the mines. We share the same football emotions and pride. The YouTube spot had 3.5 million hits within a week.


Icelanders know where to get the energy they need — from a young age they eat Skyr. The campaign promoted Skyr's Icelandic character — the heroes of the spot are struggling with everyday situations where they need extra energy. The interiors are raw, cool, expressive, and the ad is accompanied by an Icelandic song. To complete the authenticity of the story told, the spot was directed by an Icelandic filmmaker.

Wild adventure in Biedronka

"Wild adventure in Biedronka" – it’s next loyalty activation where parents and their kids were collecting cards and trying to win a family trip to the world's most interesting zoo. Under the Super Animals action, Duda Polska prepared 3 TV spots and in-store materials.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is the time for cleaning. Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan, The Perfect Housewife, reminded us of this in a campaign prepared by Duda Polska. This time, Biedronka's offers were complemented by a wide selection of cleaning products.

Zień for Biedronka

Biedronka launched a line of leather accesories by well known Polish fashion designer, Maciej Zień. We decided to shoot a TV ad like haute couture brands do, which was surprising for such a brand as Biedronka.

Pingo Doce

Press and web campaign promoting the 1st Children's Literature Award.

Pingo Doce - ice cream

“The best price quality can have" In-store campaign promoting Pingo Doce’s new variety and quality of ice creams.